Blog Action Day

Poverty – What Can One Person Do?

“Many people are talking about the poor, but very few people talk to the poor”. – Mother Teresa

”Remember the poor, it costs nothing”. – Mark Twain

Today is Blog Action Day and bloggers all over the world have banded together to discuss poverty. There are almost 12,000 blogs participating with an estimated audience of almost 12 million readers! What an incredibly positive way to harness the power of the internet and social media.

My angle on this topic is simple: most people care about poverty but feel that their contributions are too small to make a difference. However, the reality is that everyone of us CAN make a difference.

Here are some incredible posts from some of the participating bloggers which will inspire you:

What Can One Person Do?

This is a page on the Blog Action Site which offers very tangible ways that one can be involved from political action to donating time and/or money. I encourage you to visit the rest of the site because it is amazing to see how many people are committed to this cause.

You Are Wealthier Than You Think You Are

This is an eye-opener: Did you know that as little as £5 USD will provide 25 fruit trees for farmers in Honduras? And £50 will ensure that a village in Haiti receives a first aid kit.

We are in a current economic downturn and the news media is really exploiting the fears of the American public. And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do everything in our power to mitigate our losses, and work smarter in order to improve our earning ability. That’s what I do for a living! But it’s time for a reality check. Are things tougher than they were 2 years ago? For many people they are. But what does that mean to you? For some people that I know, it means they’ve cancelled their lawn and pool services and they’re doing it themselves. I’ve created a budget and eliminated unnecessary expenses. But am I poor? No, and the majority of Americans will get through this economic crisis. They won’t be homeless, or hungry, or picking through mounds of garbage. Just something that I think many of us lose sight of. I know I do.

So, on to what we can do to help:

88 Ways to Do Something About Poverty Now

This article includes some easy, actionable ideas on how to get involved.

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